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Exploring The Wealthiest Town in STL: Huntleigh, Missouri

Located between some of the most the affluent St. Louis communities of Ladue, Frontenac, and Kirkwood lies a hidden gem: the village of Huntleigh, Missouri.

Though small in size at just about 100 households, Huntleigh offers a quiet, country-like atmosphere while still located in the center of St. Louis County.

Homes in Huntleigh

Homes in Huntleigh, MO, are the epitome of St. Louis wealth and extravagance. They range from 4,000 to well over 20,000 square feet.

These homes are typically situated on at least 3 acres. Some of the larger estates have 10-20 acres, which is a lot of land to have in the middle of the suburbs of St. Louis.

Zoned entirely residential, Huntleigh retains its peaceful charm to this day. With no commercial or industrial developments, you’ll find only homes, the occasional farm, and winding country lanes.

It’s a rare gem where time stands still amidst the bustle of modern life around it.

Huntleigh’s rolling hills, woods, and meadows provided an ideal landscape for fox hunting and horseback riding. Numerous homes in Huntleigh have stables on their property to this day.

The estates you’ll find throughout Huntleigh are very similar to mansions in Ladue, ranging from $3 million to over $15 million.

Large custom homes in Huntleigh, Missouri

Huntleigh by the numbers

As of 2021, Huntleigh has retained its small size, with just 401 residents. According to DATA USA, the median age of Huntleigh residents is 49.5, while the median household income is an impressive $250,001.

The median property value checks in at $1.44 million – nearly six times the national average. The homeownership rate also outperforms the national benchmark at 97.4%.

If you’re interested in living in Huntleigh, you can expect the lifestyle to be pretty similar to the neighboring towns like Ladue or Frontenac.

Huntleigh’s Rich History

The land Huntleigh sits on today has a rich history, quite literally. It’s the wealthiest town in Missouri.

Some of the earliest records show frontier settler Stephen Maddox claimed 652 acres back in the early 1800s. Some reports even indicate the famous Oregon Trail once crossed through. This piece of land is mostly what became modern-day Huntleigh.

The historic Orthwein Mansion located in Huntleigh, Missouri
The historic Orthwein Mansion located in Huntleigh, Missouri

Fast forward to the 1920s when prominent St. Louisan Edward E. Bakewell Sr. purchased a 125-acre estate and transformed it into the foundations of the Huntleigh we know today.

The official Village of Huntleigh was incorporated in 1929 with just 13 residents across 480 acres at the time. Over the following decades, Huntleigh gradually expanded through annexations to its current size of about 750 acres.

Huntleigh is home to some of the most elite families in St. Louis like the Busch family and the Orthwein family. Some of the wealthy families in Huntleigh are the ultra-successful executives, doctors, lawyers, and entrepreneurs of St. Louis.

Moving to Huntleigh, MO

If you’re looking for a quiet life without fully escaping urban convenience, few places compare to Huntleigh.

Living in Huntleigh, you’ll enjoy privacy, serenity, and exclusivity just minutes from everything St. Louis offers.

If you are ready to start the home search in this part of town, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d love to share our real estate experience with you and guide you through the home buying and selling process.

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