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Living in Chesterfield, MO: Your Ultimate Suburb Guide

Chesterfield is located 25 miles west of downtown St. Louis. It is easily accessible to the city while offering a more relaxed, suburban lifestyle.

The average commute to St. Louis is about 30 minutes. Chesterfield has approximately 50,000 residents and is one of the largest suburbs of St. Louis.

Homes in Chesterfield, MO

Chesterfield is a relatively recent addition to St. Louis County, with the western side being newer than the eastern side. 

Homes in 63017

On the eastern side, you’ll find a variety of homes, including brick ranch-style, traditional, and some split-level houses constructed in the 1970s and 1980s.

Homes in Chesterfield, Missouri

Meanwhile, the western side features a blend of modern, contemporary, and neo-eclectic styles, with predominantly brick exteriors.

The 2 Zip Codes of Chesterfield

Chesterfield is comprised of 2 zip codes: 63005 and 63017. You’ll notice a different style of neighborhood based on the zip code.

Zip code 63005

  • Newer side of town
  • Larger homes
  • Lots of new construction homes
  • Median home value $1,000,000 (according to Redfin)
Monterey rendering by McKelvey homes

Zip code 63017

  • It tends to have older neighborhoods
  • Many houses built in the 70s and 80s
  • Homes are typically smaller in size
  • Median home value $507,500 (according to Redfin)
Smaller home in Chesterfield, MO

Chesterfield is a pricier part of town but nothing near the expensive suburbs like Ladue and Clayton.

It can be tough to find a starter home in Chesterfield, as most of your options are probably going to start upwards of $350,000 for a house.

You’ll find condos and townhomes at lower prices, sometimes as low as $150,000.

The History of Chesterfield

Although Chesterfield didn’t officially become a city until June 1st, 1988, it has a rich history. 

Before 1988, residents called it “West County,” an unincorporated area within St. Louis County. These days, the term “West County” usually refers to the St. Louis suburbs west of I-270.

Back in the day, Chesterfield was made up of six different towns:

  1. Bellefontaine
  2. Lake
  3. Gumbo
  4. Monarch
  5. Bonhomme
  6. Chesterfield
History of Chesterfield, MO

Chesterfield was at the center of these towns, and over the years, the post offices consolidated and were transferred to Chesterfield until only Chesterfield remained.

Naming “Chesterfield”

The name Chesterfield came from landowner and military retiree Justus Post. After the War of 1812, he moved to Missouri and bought more than 21,000 acres of land along Wild Horse Creek Road.

He built his mansion on the land in 1822 and lived there for 30 years before selling it and moving to Illinois. 

Justus Post Road sign

There are several nods throughout the city to the founder of Chesterfield.

Bringing Chesterfield into the Modern Era

Louis S. Sachs is credited with being the “Father of modern Chesterfield.” He planned and developed Chesterfield Village, a live/work/play community with over 200 businesses and 260 homes.

Sachs was considered a visionary by today’s standards, although at the time, people questioned why he would build a mall in the middle of a field. He responded to his critics, “In a few years, it will be in the middle of a town.”

Eventually, he proved to be right!

The Great Flood of 1993

On July 30, 1993, the levee that projected Chesterfield Valley failed for the first time since 1935. The whole area was flooded by feet of water.

People had to evacuate as the waters of the Missouri River swallowed businesses, homes, and farms. 

The community rallied together to help those who lost their homes and businesses, but what is truly spectacular is the rebuilding that happened after.

Flood of 1933 in Chesterfield, MO
Before and after the flood

The new Monarch-Chesterfield levee now safeguards the valley. 

Former farmland has given way to the development of office buildings and retail businesses, fostering job opportunities and infrastructure growth.

Shopping and Entertainment in Chesterfield

Chesterfield has the longest outdoor strip mall in America, Chesterfield Commons. This is a huge shopping district along Chesterfield Airport Road in the heart of Chesterfield Valley.

Chesterfield Commons
Chesterfield Commons

There are so many places to go shopping here, so if you enjoy big brand stores, Chesterfield is the place to be.

You’ll also find great restaurants like Annie Gunns, coffee shops, grocery stores, and entertainment.

I-64 has multiple exits in the Valley and goes right through it, so it’s super convenient for highway access to these shopping centers.

There are plenty of entertainment options, and even more are being developed around the area. A new TopGolf and a new entertainment complex called The District are located across from River’s Edge Park, right off I-64.

The District

The District, formerly the Taubman Prestige Outlets, is a new entertainment complex with something for everyone. 

The Hub is the District’s outdoor space boasting a large LED screen for watching games, a stage for live entertainment, outdoor seating, and a yard-like area for games and outdoor activities. 

The District, Chesterfield, MO
The District, Chesterfield, MO

The Factory is The District’s dedicated live entertainment venue. It features world-renowned bands, comedians, and more. Check out their page for upcoming shows.

There are breweries and several restaurants for food and drink, with more coming soon.

Other amenities include a salon, a cigar lounge, an art gallery event space, and a gym. 

New Development in Chesterfield

As Chesterfield continues to grow, new developments are happening all over.

From new residential neighborhoods to apartments & condos to commercial shopping centers and even a new production studio.

Chesterfield Sports Complex

Chesterfield Sports Complex recently opened the region’s largest indoor volleyball and basketball complex. 

Chesterfield Sports Complex

It aims to attract youth sports with its nine basketball courts, 18 volleyball courts, Olympic-level flooring, streaming cameras, and LED lighting system. It also boasts a fitness area, food offerings, and multipurpose rooms for meetings and classes.

Wildhorse Village

One of the largest new developments happening in Chesterfield is Wildhorse Village.

It will be a massive hub in the middle of Chesterfield, and it embodies the whole “live, work, play” community feel.

Wildhorse Village Map Chesterfield, MO
Wildhorse Village Map

Wildhorse Village will include:

  • over 1 million square feet of office space
  • 150+ new homes
  • 500+ new apartments
  • 100,000 square feet of retail space

It’s right next to a new apartment building, a new hotel, and new condos. It’s right across the street from Central Park, so it’s in a great location.

Chesterfield Mall Redevelopment

Downtown Chesterfield is the redevelopment of Chesterfield Mall. This planned community focuses on sustainability and green living, with energy-efficient homes and an emphasis on walkability.

Tenant leases will end on August 31st, which is when redevelopment plans are expected to take effect. 

Local developers at The Staenberg Group are behind this massive project.

Downtown Chesterfield Mall Redevelopment

Residents can enjoy community gardens, walking trails, and access to nearby parks and green spaces.

Gateway Studios

Gateway Studios will be a massive production facility that will bring the biggest stars to St. Louis to practice and perform.

Gateway Studios Rendering

It spans 32 acres in Chesterfield Valley and features five separate state-of-the-art facilities. These studios also include three stories of office space. 

Chesterfield Schools

The schools in Chesterfield are highly sought after, where students can get a quality education.

They have an average student-teacher ratio of 15 to 1, and state test scores are higher than the state average. 

People who have children in this school system express having positive experiences. They especially like that the teachers have good relationships with the parents and students.

When we advise clients on selling a home in Chesterfield, we always recommend highlighting the school district’s high public rankings.

Lafayette High School, Chesterfield MO

The two main high schools in Chesterfield are Marquette and Lafayette, both part of the Rockwood School System.

These high schools boast academic excellence and rank among Missouri’s top 20% of public schools. 

Chesterfield’s Job Growth

Chesterfield’s proximity to St. Louis City attracts people who prefer a suburban lifestyle. These days, plenty of businesses are also coming to Chesterfield.

It is steadily becoming West County’s business hub.

Jobs in Chesterfield, MO

Chesterfield serves many high-growth industries, from healthcare and education to technology, finance, and accounting. 

Parks in Chesterfield

Chesterfield has countless great parks with beautiful wildlife, fishing, trails, and gathering spaces. Here are a couple of the more well-known parks in Chesterfield:

Faust Park

Faust Park’s story starts in the early 1800s with Missouri’s second governor, Frederick Bates. Bates acquired 900 acres of land on the Missouri River and built a Virginia-style plantation, including a main house, two barns, and other buildings. 

Faust Park, Chesterfield, MO

The land and buildings remained in the family until Leicester and Mary Faust donated the land in 1968 to be used as a park. 

Over the years, more additions and improvements were made, including the Sophia M Sachs Butterfly House and education center.

Butterfly House, Chesterfield, MO

Today visitors enjoy a historical village, the Thornhill Mansion, hiking trails, a century-old carousel, and more!

Central Park

Central Park is a 55-acre park with a playground, a pool, trails for hiking, and an amphitheater. There are also beautiful sculptures throughout the park that add to the picturesque scenery.

Chesterfield Central Park Amphitheater
Central Park Amphitheater

Chesterfield is also close to Babler State Park, which is in Wildwood. It’s only 10 minutes away and has miles and miles of walking trails.

What Else Should I Know About Living In Chesterfield?

  • Residents express that Chesterfield is a great place to live for families.
  • Residents are highly satisfied with public services such as the fire and police departments.
  • People feel safe and feel the area (overall) is quiet.
  • The cost of living is lower than the national average.
  • According to the most recent US census, the average hourly wage is between $31 and $34, and the median income was $137,052.

Proximity to St. Louis City

The driving distance between St Louis and Chesterfield is about a half-hour drive. If you are eager to catch Cardinals games or Blues games, visit the zoo, or enjoy a show at the Muny, it’s a convenient distance away. 

Moving to Chesterfield

If you need help moving to Chesterfield or buying a house anywhere else in the St. Louis area, we encourage you to get in touch us!

Chesterfield is a fantastic area in St. Louis, and it’s becoming increasingly popular.

There is a ton of new development and construction, and there will be a lot more in the years to come.

It can be expensive, but there are still options for those on a budget.

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