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How to Sell Your House in Lake St. Louis, MO

Lake St. Louis is a unique community in St. Charles County with a very nuanced real estate market. 

In this guide, we’ll share our expert advice on how to sell your Lake St. Louis house. 

We’ll give you our top tips, market trends, and what buyers are looking for.

Homes in lake st. louis, MO

The vacation-like ambiance and lifestyle of Lake St. Louis make it a highly desirable place to live.

Especially if you live within the Community Association (CA for short) and have lake rights.

Let’s explore what you should know before selling.

Where Is Your Home Located in Lake St. Louis?

Location is everything, whether you live in the CA, incorporated Lake St. Louis, or unincorporated Lake St. Louis. 

Here are some questions to think about when it comes to your home:

  • Do you have a waterfront lot with lake access?
  • Does your house have lake views?
  • What subdivision are you in?
  • Do you have lake rights?
  • What school district are you in?
  • Where do your public services come from? 
  • Proximity to highways and shopping

These are all important considerations buyers look at. 

Selling a Home Is Stressful.

We’re Here to Help.

We are St. Louis realtors who love helping our clients in Lake St. Louis sell for more money with less hassle.

Comparing mailing street addresses to the assessor’s site can get a little confusing. 

The gist is that if you’re in the 63367 zip code, it’s Lake St. Louis. 

But that doesn’t mean you have lake rights or your public services are Lake St. Louis.  

Map of the City of Lake St Louis
The pink area represents the city of Lake St. Louis, while the beige areas are unincorporated parts of St. Charles County.

You can check your address on the St. Charles County assessor’s site to see your school district and if your public services are in St. Charles County, Lake St. Louis, Wentzville, or O’Fallon.

St Charles County Assessors Site

If you’re selling your Lake St. Louis home, you’ll also want to verify HOA fees for your neighborhood. 

It helps to list any amenities that come with your HOA, whether those are CA amenities or subdivision amenities.

Sample HOA

Home Prices in Lake St. Louis

Home prices in Lake St. Louis vary substantially. 

Here are some big factors that determine price:

  • Waterfront lot
  • Lake views
  • Square footage
  • Age
  • Has lake rights
  • Subdivision
  • Updates
  • School district 
  • Outdoor space (especially for waterfront homes)

Waterfront homes in Lake St. Louis are highly desirable. Due to such high demand, they can be tough to buy but easy to sell.

When one comes up for sale, it’s not uncommon for it to sell before it even gets listed. Most waterfront homes sell from $800k to $2M. 

Know What Buyers Are Looking For in Lake St. Louis

Many buyers find living in the suburbs appealing. When selling your Lake St. Louis property, it’s important to understand and highlight the advantages of your location.

1. CA Amenities

Highlight all the amenities that come with it, such as lake access, clubhouse access, and pool privileges. Be transparent about the fees associated with these amenities.

2. Proximity to Highways

If your home has quick access to a highway, that is a huge plus. 

That means easier access to the rest of St. Charles County, like Dardenne Prairie, St. Peters, Wentzville, and O’Fallon. 

Being close to highways is especially important to buyers who commute into St. Louis County or St. Louis City for work. 

Proximity to Highways

3. Close to Shopping

Being close to the shopping and amenities of The Meadows and Hawk Ridge is a good thing to highlight to potential house buyers.

Close to Shopping

4. New(er) Construction 

If your home is brand-new, or at least newer, that is a huge advantage. However, most new homes will likely not be included in the Community Association. 

There is a significant amount of new construction in Lake St. Louis outside CA limits. Windsor Park, for example, is a new neighborhood with homes ranging from the $400s to over $1 million.

Unincorporated homes can vary in price. For example, homes in the Wildwood neighborhood sell for $285,000 to $425,000, while homes in the Fieldcrest neighborhood typically sell for $150,000 to $278,000.

5. School District 

Lake St. Louis is within the Wentzville R-IV School District, but students will attend different elementary, middle, and high schools depending on their location. 

Buyers with kids will be interested in learning about schools and their ratings. 

According to 2024 rankings by Niche, the Wentzville School district ranks 17th in Missouri.

Selling A Waterfront Home

We have sold dozens of waterfront homes, both on-market and off-market. 

Each waterfront lot is unique, and buyers are very discerning when it comes to living on the water.

A Waterfront Home

Highlighting your home’s upgrades and your lot’s features can significantly enhance your home’s appeal to potential buyers.

Private Access to the Lake: Enjoy exclusive access to the lake for boating, fishing, swimming, and other water activities.

Amazing Views: Experience breathtaking views of the water every day.

Vacation-like Atmosphere: Living by the water can feel like a permanent vacation, providing a relaxing and serene environment.

Higher Property Values and Great Investment Potential: Waterfront homes often have higher property values and can be a solid investment due to their desirability.

Encourages an Active Lifestyle: Proximity to the lake promotes an active lifestyle with opportunities for various outdoor activities.

High Demand: Waterfront properties continue to be in high demand. Whether you sell privately or by listing on the market, we usually have buyers in our network looking for a waterfront.

Find an Agent Who Understands Waterfront Properties

Waterfront homes are largely considered part of the luxury market. 

Working with an expert realtor with years of experience in the waterfront market is crucial. Be sure to ask every agent about their experience before hiring one.

When working with waterfront homes, we tailor our marketing to each property depending on their home, lot, features, and upgrades.

Waterfront Properties

Sometimes, there aren’t many comparable sales available. 

Waterfront pricing depends on your waterfront home’s size, style, unique features, and neighborhood. 

Some waterfront features are hard to put a number on:

  • Views
  • Frontage on the water
  • Elevation
  • Location on the lake

Setting the right price for your waterfront can be tricky. 

At Gateway Realty Group, we leverage our understanding of the waterfront market to ensure your home is competitively priced and well-marketed.

Features Unique to Waterfront Homes

Waterfronts in Lake St. Louis offer a bit more than a typical house in the CA:

  • The best views of the lake
  • The ability to have a dock in your yard
  • Direct access to the water

A dock is especially desirable if you don’t want to get on the waiting list for a spot at one of the CA-owned docks. 

Waterfront home with a dock in Lake St. Louis
Waterfront home with a dock in Lake St. Louis

Some people on the boat slip waitlist have been on the list for years

We often direct buyers and sellers to the Lake St. Louis Community Association website if they have questions about amenities, fee schedules, and rules and regulations. 

Selling A Home With a Dock

Selling A Home With a Dock

Repairs: Make sure there are no warping or cracked supports. Check for wood rot and rusting. 

Clean & stage the dock: The dock is an extension of your property. You’ll want to make sure it’s staged just like any other part of your home. Make sure everything is clean and free of clutter.

Easy access: People buy waterfront properties to have access to the water. Make sure they can get down there and imagine themselves there. Some homes have stairs leading down to the dock. Make sure the stairs are free of obstacles.

If you don’t have a dock, consider adding one. 

Docks are a huge selling point for waterfront properties. Be sure whoever you hire to do the job is reputable and familiar with zoning regulations in Lake St. Louis.

Lake St. Louis Community Association

If you live in Lake St. Louis, you are likely familiar with the LSLCA (Lake St. Louis Community Association). 

Living within CA boundaries is definitely a plus if you’re selling your home. 

Take a look at this spreadsheet to see if your property address is within the community association boundaries.

It means you are granted lake rights and many of the other amenities CA offers: 

  • The 20,000-square-foot clubhouse
  • Pools
  • Tennis courts
  • Marinas
  • Beaches
  • 9-hole golf course
  • Social clubs
Lake St. Louis Community Association clubhouse and tennis courts
Lake St. Louis Community Association clubhouse and tennis courts

The clubhouse is the social center of Lake St. Louis, and it has the following:

  • 3 pools
  • Dining hall
  • Full-service bar
  • Lounge areas
  • Event space you can rent out
Boundaries of the Community Association
Boundaries of the Community Association

Many buyers are looking for a home in the CA simply because there are so many amenities to enjoy.

The Community Association existed before Lake St. Louis became a city. The CA owns and maintains the lakes. 

The CA also enforces its own set of rules and regulations that homeowners must abide by.

The CA boundaries rarely change, if ever.

That means the number of homes within the CA will not change. As demand continues to rise for a home with lake rights, so will prices.

For more information on living in Lake St. Louis, including amenities provided by the Community Association, lake rights, and lake access, read our article on living in Lake St. Louis.

Get Your Home Ready to Sell in Lake St. Louis, MO

Selling your home in Lake St. Louis involves more than just listing it on the market. Making sure your home is in top condition gives you a better chance at getting top dollar for it. 

Lake St. Louis

But what is unique about selling a home in Lake St. Louis? 

Lake St. Louis is a unique market because of all the amenities. 

It’s important to highlight and market those amenities that come with the home, whether it’s:

  • The CA amenities 
  • Lake rights
  • Proximity to highways
  • Highly ranked schools
  • Restaurants & shopping

You’re not just selling a house in Lake St. Louis–you’re selling the lifestyle. 

Should You Make Repairs Before Selling?

It depends on your timeframe and how much money you’re willing to spend getting your house market-ready. 

If maximizing your profit is the priority, making repairs is crucial to make your home move-in ready. Buyers are willing to pay a premium for a move-in-ready home that needs no work. 

If you’re in a rush and need to sell your Lake St. Louis home fast, you might want to stick with minor and aesthetic repairs. You may even skip repairs altogether. 

If your house needs substantial work, your list price will have to reflect the repairs that need to be done.

Major Repairs to Consider

Major repairs are usually big-ticket items that maintain the structural integrity and livability of your home. 

In Lake St. Louis, some major issues include:

  • Water damage & mold
  • HVAC problems
  • Electrical issues
  • Damaged roof
  • Foundation issues
  • Deck issues
  • Seawall damage (waterfront homes)

These are issues you probably won’t be excited to spend money on. Neither will most buyers. 

Making these repairs not only helps pass inspections but also prevents potential buyers from walking away. 

Most of these problems are significant enough to sway someone’s decision to buy a house or not. 

Major structural issues can also interfere with the sale if a buyer is using traditional bank financing, like an FHA or VA loan. These loan programs have stricter standards for a home’s condition.

Now, if the buyers choose to pay cash, that’s a different story. 

Minor Repairs and Cosmetic Fixes

Minor repairs and cosmetic fixes aren’t as critical. 

They don’t affect your home’s overall integrity, but they can greatly enhance its aesthetic appeal. 

Though these items might not be a deal breaker for buyers, handling these fixes will make it easier for buyers to move right in without worrying about having to do it themselves. 

These are some items you might want to consider fixing:

  • Leaky faucets
  • Dented, scuffed, or scratched walls
  • Stained carpets
  • Mismatched door hinges/knobs
  • Broken window seals
  • Bight paint colors

When buyers compare two similar homes at the same price, they usually choose the one that requires the least work to move in.

By tackling these repairs early, you’ll make your Lake St. Louis home more appealing to a wider pool of buyers. Ultimately, you’ll have the best chance to get the highest sale price.

Whether you’re addressing serious repairs or making cosmetic updates, thoroughly preparing your home can make your listing more competitive.

How to Market Your Home in Lake St. Louis

When you’re ready to sell, you’ll want to carefully consider how you market it to buyers. 

Knowing the ins and outs of the real estate market will help you position yourself the right way. 

Understanding exactly what buyers are looking for in Lake St. Louis will allow you to showcase your home’s most appealing features. 

Keep Restrictions in Mind 

Similar to historic districts in other cities, Lake St. Louis homeowners maintain the aesthetic through city regulations and restrictions. 

The CA, in particular, has strict rules that control home renovations and exterior appearance. 

Lake St. Louis homeowners

Some buyers consider these rules to be a deal breaker. Others appreciate the uniformity and consistency they provide.

Working with a realtor familiar with the market will ensure you find the right buyer for your Lake St. Louis home.

When preparing your house for sale, ensure everything complies with the regulations and codes.

Most Fences Are Not Allowed

If you live within CA boundaries, fences are typically not allowed. This can be a big sticking point for buyers. 

There are two exceptions to this:

  • Fences immediately surrounding pools
  • Pet runs (up to 200 square feet)

The no-fence rule is to ensure everyone has a clear, unobstructed view of the lake and its surroundings. Fences can enclose an in-ground pool, but they can only be in certain areas and should be “no higher than necessary.”

One of our recent listings in Regatta Bay has a small pool with a fence around it.
One of our recent listings in Regatta Bay has a small pool with a fence around it.

Speaking of pools… Pools must be in-ground. Here’s the requirement checklist for installing a pool. 

Solar Energy Panels are allowed as long as they meet the city’s requirements.

Occupancy Permit & Inspection

When a home’s ownership changes, the property owner must notify the Fire District at least two business days in advance. 

The Fire District will schedule an inspection to identify and correct any fire code violations. 

If there are no violations or after any violations have been corrected, the Fire District will issue an occupancy permit, which is valid until the next change of ownership (or occupancy). 

Here are some issues that often come up during the Lake St. Louis fire inspection:

  • No outlet and switch covers
  • No working smoke detectors
  • No CO detectors on each floor of the home
  • The home address number is less than 4” in height
  • Non-functional fireplace damper
  • Improper handrails on steps with four or more risers

For a more in-depth list of common issues when doing an occupancy inspection, click here.

If you are using your home as a rental property, you’ll also need an occupancy inspection from the municipality before your tenants move in.

Storage Container Rules

If you plan on using a POD to store anything or during your moving process, there are some rules to consider:

  • The largest POD allowed is 160 square feet.
  • Only one POD is allowed at a time.
  • The POD must be placed on a paved surface.
  • The POD must be on your property; they are not allowed on the street.

Maintenance and Disclosures in Lake St. Louis

Let’s talk about some things you’ll want to consider when listing your home.

Seller’s Disclosure Statement

Whether you live in the CA, incorporated Lake St. Louis, or unincorporated Lake St. Louis, you’ll want to fill out the 9-page seller’s disclosure statement. 

This is where you’ll give buyers all the information you know about your home, like:

  • Property information
  • Neighborhood information
  • Maintenance history
  • Repairs and improvements
  • All known issues with the home

Pool Disclosure (if applicable)

If your home has a pool and/or spa, you’ll want to fill out a pool & spa disclosure form along with the standard seller’s disclosure statement. 

The pool disclosure is a great way to give buyers important details about your pool like:

  • Size & age
  • Type of pool (vinyl, concrete, etc.)
  • Previous maintenance
  • Any known issues

Flood Zone

Be transparent about whether your property is located in a flood zone. 

Most home insurance policies do not cover floods. You’ll need a flood insurance policy. 

You’ll want to be able to discuss the risk of flooding and the cost of flood insurance. If you’re unsure, you can search for your address on the FEMA website.

Previous Flooding (if applicable)

Disclose any previous flooding and damage to the house. If you have a record of any repairs or inspections, keep them handy!

Lake St. Louis Real Estate By the Numbers

Overall, the market for selling a house in Lake St. Louis is slightly down, with an uptick for villas and condos.

Lake St. Louis Single-Family Home Sales in 2024

The residential-detached home market in Lake St. Louis for 2024 shows the following trends:

  • New Listings: Steady at 119.
  • Pending Sales: Decreased by 23.4%, from 111 to 85.
  • Closed Sales: Decreased by 14.3%, from 91 to 78.
  • Days on Market Until Sale: Increased by 42.9%, from 28 days to 40 days.
  • Median Sales Price: Slightly decreased by 0.6%, from $420,000 to $417,500.
  • Average Sales Price: Decreased by 6.9%, from $484,353 to $450,991.
  • Percent of List Price Received: Slightly decreased from 100.0% to 99.6%.
Median Sales Price - Residential Detached

Lake St. Louis Condo & Townhome Sales in 2024

The townhouse and condo market in Lake St. Louis has shown positive growth year-to-date in 2024. 

Key metrics include:

  • New Listings: Increased by 71.4%, from 28 to 48.
  • Pending Sales: Increased by 58.6%, from 29 to 46.
  • Closed Sales: Increased by 46.2%, from 26 to 38.
  • Days on Market Until Sale: Decreased by 24.0%, from 25 days to 19 days.
  • Median Sales Price: Increased by 4.2%, from $235,100 to $245,000.
  • Average Sales Price: Increased by 12.2%, from $247,210 to $277,436.
  • Percent of List Price Received: Slightly decreased by 0.2%, from 101.2% to 101.0%.
Median Sales Price - Townhouse Condo

Choosing How to Sell Your Home

For a waterfront home in the luxury market, hiring a real estate agent will help make sure you get the most out of your home. 

We’re here to get you a fair offer with reasonable terms and conditions. But if you have free time and some experience with the home-selling process, you could opt to sell it yourself. 

Lake St. Louis Real Estate By the Numbers

If you need to sell quickly and have few resources, selling as-is can be a great option, but you may have to sell for less than if you had a traditional sale. 

Take a look at your timeframe, when you want your closing date, and whether there are any major repairs.

Hiring a Real Estate Agent

Working with a realtor can save you a lot of hassle. We bring expertise in listing prices, staging, repairs, and scheduling. 

We also have connections with most realtors in Lake St. Louis who might have buyers for your home. 

We’ll handle open houses, negotiations, and the closing process. In exchange, we earn a commission on the sale price. Listing agent fees are typically 2.5% to 3% of the sale price, which can be negotiated. 

To find the right realtor, whether you choose to work with us or someone else, look at their previous listings and experience. Ask your agent how well they understand the Lake St. Louis market.

Doing For Sale By Owner

Selling your home FSBO can save on realtor fees and commissions but requires significantly more time and effort. 

You must handle your own marketing scheduling, negotiations, and closing. 

Should You Pay a Buyer’s Agent? 

You save on the listing agent’s commission, but you might want to consider paying the buyer’s agent commission. 

Offering a buyer’s agent compensation expands the pool of buyers to everyone who is working with an agent. 

Although buyers can pay their own agent’s fee, many do not have the funds set aside for this since most loan programs do not allow the commission to be rolled into the mortgage. 

Tips to Sell

To sell your home yourself successfully, prepare your house by decluttering, making necessary repairs, and improving curb appeal. 

Use online marketing and get professional photos. Make sure to set a competitive, honest price based on comparable sales in surrounding areas. 

Be very cautious about overpricing, as buyers tend to be very price-sensitive since mortgage rates have climbed. 

Be prepared to negotiate offers and consider hiring a real estate attorney for legal paperwork.

Selling As-Is to Investors

If you want a fast sale with minimal effort, an as-is sale could be ideal. 

Selling to a cash home buyer can be a quick, no-hassle, stress-free option.

the moorings in lake st louis

It can allow you to avoid costly repairs but typically results in a lower sale price—sometimes 10% to 30% below market value. 

However, you will save on closing costs, and there are usually no commissions paid to realtors.

You will most likely get less than if you had a traditional home sale. The good news is that you’ll deal with fewer headaches associated with the longer duration of the traditional home-buying process. 

Many as-is sales to investors happen quicker than the 30-60 day typical closing period. 

This option tends to be popular in the following situations:

  • Inherited property from a family member
  • Any unwanted property
  • A vacant house 
  • An outdated house that needs rehab
  • Homes with fire damage

Be sure to do your due diligence if you choose to use a cash buyer. 

You’ll see a lot of ads promising a fair cash offer to ease the frustration of your unwanted property. These companies usually advertise the following:

  • “We Buy Houses”
  • “Sell My House Fast”
  • “Sell Your Home Fast For Cash”

Make sure they are reputable and that you know how it works before committing.

These local home buyers often offer a “no obligation cash offer,” so it’s always worth a shot to see how much they’re willing to pay.

Ready to Sell Your House in Lake St. Louis?

At Gateway Realty Group, we provide next-level assistance to our clients looking to sell their homes in the Greater St. Louis Area. We love working with sellers across all parts of Lake St. Louis. 

We want to help you sell for the most money in less time with the least hassle. 

If you’re ready to work together, get in touch with us.

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