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How to Sell Your House in Wentzville, MO

The Wentzville, Missouri housing market is competitive, and sellers are earning top dollar. 

We’ve had buyers move to Wentzville from around the country because of the growing job market and the ease of finding a newer home at a great price.

Home in Wentzville

In this guide, we’ll look at how to market your home effectively to give it the competitive edge it needs to sell for maximum profit. 

What Buyers In Wentzville Are Looking For

Wentzville is one of the fastest-growing cities in Missouri, making it a desirable option for those seeking a suburban life. 

Most of the western development in Saint Charles County is happening in Wentzville.

When selling your home, be sure to highlight all that makes Wentzville a fantastic place to live.

Wentzville Parkway, Wentzville, MO

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Access to Highways

People who choose the suburbs typically want the best of both worlds: suburban amenities with easy access to the city. 

Highlight your proximity to highways like I-70, I-64, and Hwy 364. 

Map Going to Wentzville

These routes provide easy access to St. Louis and its amenities. 

These highways also connect you to nearby hubs like:

And other surrounding areas.

Access to Amenities

When listing your home, showcase nearby amenities. People want to know they’ll have easy access to shopping, restaurants, and recreation.

The Wentzville Rec Center
The Wentzville Rec Center

Here are some amenities you may live near:

  • The Wentzville Rec Center
  • The Historic Wentzville District
  • Wentzville Parkway
  • The Quarry
  • Parks like Quail Ridge Park, Botany Park, or Progress Park
  • Bear Creek Golf Club

Access to Major Employers

Most people find a long commute to be a drag. You’ll want to emphasize access to major employers to highlight shorter commutes. 

For example, you may live near the GM plant and SSM Health St. Joseph Hospital. Both of these facilities bring buyers in from all over the place.

Mercy recently announced they’re building a Medical Complex, and there is a lot of new development, including office spaces.

Mercy Wentzville Campus


Wentzville has newer homes at lower prices than other parts of the St. Louis metro. 

Homes in St. Louis County and City are often older and need more updates to compete in the market. New construction is easy to find in St. Louis County, but it tends to be more expensive than options in Wentzville. 

If your home is newer built, use that to your advantage when selling!

Wenztville Neighborhood

Neighborhood Amenities

Since many Wentzville neighborhoods are newer, many have amenities for the community. 

Neighborhood amenities are important to buyers, especially those with families. 

Here are some features you can highlight when selling your home:

  • Clubhouse
  • Community pool
  • Playgrounds
  • Athletic fields
  • Walking trails
  • Ponds & lakes

*If your Wentzville house is in an HOA, mention any fees and restrictions that come with it.

*If your Wentzville house is in an HOA, mention any fees and restrictions that come with it.

Wentzville Schools

Families will often choose a neighborhood based on the school district. 

Wentzville has some of the best schools in St. Charles County. 

If you live in the Wentzville R-IV District, you can mention that it ranks among the top 20% in Missouri.

Wentzville School

Getting Your Home Ready To Sell in Wentzville, MO

Let’s discuss some repair items you may face before listing your home.

Major Repairs

Major repairs are essential for maintaining your home’s integrity and functionality. Neglecting major repairs can scare buyers away if these issues appear on an inspection report.

Take a look at what your house needs. If you’re not sure, ask us! 

As realtors, we regularly help sellers decide what repairs to make and what to leave to the buyers. 

Avoiding some major repairs can affect the buyer’s financing if they are taking out an FHA or VA loan, which tend to have stricter requirements. 

If you’re investing in home repairs before selling, here are the top ones to consider:

  • Roof Repair
  • HVAC 
  • Foundation 
  • Electrical 
  • Water Damage 
  • Pests

Minor Repairs

Minor repairs include smaller fixes and cosmetic jobs like: 

  • Chipped paint or scratched and dented walls 
  • Leaky faucet
  • Stained carpets
  • Mismatched door hinges and knobs
  • Poor caulking around tubs and sinks
  • Broken window seals

While these minor issues might not deter buyers, addressing them can help you get top dollar on the sale of your home. 

There’s also the option to sell as-is and avoid extensive repairs altogether. 

If you have to sell your home fast, selling as-is may be your best bet. 

Home Repairs Worth Your While

Here are some maintenance items that can get you more on the sale of your home.

1. Paint

A fresh coat of paint will go a long way. Paint the interior of your house in neutral, welcoming colors. If you can paint everything the same color, it will make everything feel more consistent. 

For the exterior, make sure the paint matches your neighborhood’s aesthetic.

2. Flooring & Carpets

Replace any stained or threadbare carpets. If your carpets are in good condition, give them a deep cleaning. 

If you have wood floors, make sure they are clean and in good shape. If there’s a dent, scratch, or worn area here and there, you can take care of it yourself with a wood floor repair kit from your local hardware store. 

They even have stain markers to make discolored spots less noticeable. 

3. Landscaping

Some simple touches can go a long way. Make sure the lawn stays mowed and any overgrown areas are trimmed. 

Put down fresh mulch and bring in some color with potted plants. Keep a couple extra around in case any of them wilt. 

Spring Mill Estates
Fresh landscaping can make a big difference!

The front lawn is the first thing people see during an open house or drive-by, so you want it to feel welcoming. 

Keep it simple: you don’t want people to be intimidated by a lawn that needs maintenance. 

4. Declutter

Remove personal items, pictures, and extra furniture. You want your place to feel open and neutral so buyers can picture themselves in it. 

Consider getting a storage unit if there’s a lot of stuff to store. 

5. Lighting

Make sure all of your lights are working. Use soft white light bulbs in interior rooms, and ensure consistent lighting throughout the house.

Ensure every area has adequate lighting, avoiding spots that are too harsh or dim. 

Also, check that your exterior lights are in good working order. 

Listing Your Home In Wentzville, MO

Now that you’re ready to put your house on the market, you’ll want to ensure you have some things in place. 

Seller’s Disclosure Statement

A seller’s disclosure statement is a legal document that informs potential buyers about any problems with the house. 

It’s a way for the seller to be honest about things like leaks, repairs, or other concerns that the buyer should know about before purchasing the home.

It also covers general information like HOA contact information, utilities, and roof age.

Note: You do not need to fill out the entirety of this form. If you’re unsure about a question on the form, it’s better to leave it blank. If you answer something that turns out to be incorrect and the buyers discover this, you open yourself up to liability. 

Other Considerations When Listing Your Home

Lead-based paint: You’ll need to disclose if there’s any lead-based paint. If your house was built before 1978, there’s a chance there’s lead-based paint. If you’re unsure, you can buy a testing kit from your local hardware store. 

Residential Occupancy Permit: You won’t need one if you’re selling your house. 

However, an occupancy inspection is required if you’re leasing your home in Wentzville.

New construction will need an occupancy permit. The builder must obtain one as part of their construction permit. 

Marketing Your Home in Wentzville, MO


If you live in a Homeowners Association (HOA), you’ll want to disclose any fees and regulations associated with it. You’ll also want to ensure your home isn’t violating any neighborhood rules. 

Highlight any perks of living in your HOA, like access to a pool, clubhouse, or sports courts.

New Developments in Wentzville

New Developments

New developments near you can be good or bad, depending on their impact on your neighborhood.

Be aware of any new developments nearby so you can navigate them when marketing your home. 

Some things to consider are:

  • New shopping and entertainment hubs are attractive to potential buyers.
  • Major road construction can cause traffic delays but, in the long run, will improve traffic congestion and accessibility. Just make sure you aren’t too close to the highway noise. 

Here are some improvements going on with the I-64/I-70 interchange that might affect you:

Improve i-70

Understand the Lingo

Real estate is a language. Understanding the basics will help you communicate with your real estate agent and potential buyers.

If you find yourself wondering what on earth MLS, LTV, or HOA means, check out this Real Estate Marketplace Glossary from the Federal Trade Commission. 

The Wentzville Real Estate Market in 2024

The Wentzville real estate market saw rapid growth in home prices and quick sales from 2019 to 2022, but it is now cooling down. 

In 2024, sellers may need to adjust expectations and ensure homes are in good condition to stay competitive.

Wentzville at a Glance Over the Last 5 Years

Median Days on the Market 17671313
Median Sale Price$277,000$320,000$364,900$370,000$355,350
2024 Market Trends for Single-Family Homes:
  • There has been a 30.9% increase in new listings since last year.
  • There is a 3.93%% decrease in the Median Sale price from last year.
  • There is a 0.1% increase in the percentage of the list price received from last year.

2024 Market Trends for Townhouses and Condos:

  • There has been an 18.5% increase in new listings since last year.
  • There is a 6.3%% decrease in the Median Sale price from last year.
  • There is a 0.6% increase in the percentage of the list price received from last year.

How Should You Sell Your Wentzville Home?

When deciding how to sell your home, consider your timeframe, resources, and how much experience you have selling homes.

Neighborhood Wentzville

As local real estate agents, we’re here to make sure you get the most out of your Wentzville home. 

We bring expert advice to the table to help you make more money with less hassle. 

Hire a Real Estate Agent

Hiring a real estate agent can save you time and help you get the most out of your sale, giving you peace of mind. 

They can bring years of experience in marketing your home, listing prices, scheduling, and negotiating. They can also help you with staging and deciding what repairs to do. 

Listing agents make the home selling process smoother, from preparation to closing. In St. Louis, MO, they typically earn 2.5%- 3% of the sale price, which can be negotiated. 

When looking for a realtor, check their listings. You want to find someone familiar with your housing market. Look into how many closings they had the previous year and how long they’ve been in the business. 

For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

This sounds appealing to some because it means no commissions to a listing agent, which reduces your closing costs. 

Consider paying a buyer’s agent’s fee even with no listing agent fees. This will make your home accessible to more buyers who might not have extra funds available. 

However, selling FSBO requires more effort, time, and organization in the selling process. 

You’ll also have to handle your marketing, listing, negotiations, showings, open houses, and closing. 

If you do decide to go this route, here are a few quick tips to get you started:

  • Set a fair listing price: Setting a price too high will drive people away. 
  • Get professional photos: People shop online first these days. You want to put your best foot forward from the start.
  • Clean and Declutter: Clean everything, and clean it again! Remove all personal and unnecessary items from your home. 
  • Do your homework. Stay up-to-speed on market trends and the process of selling a house so there are no surprises when negotiating. 

If you have time and energy, you can sell the home yourself. You’ll save on agent fees, but you’ll be responsible for the open house, negotiations, showings, and closing.

If you need to sell fast and have few resources, selling as-is could be a good option. 

Even if you don’t find a traditional buyer, there are plenty of cash home buyers who are looking for investment opportunities. 

This typically means getting significantly less money than a traditional sale, but it can be more hassle-free, save you from expensive repairs, and allow you to still get a fair offer on your home.


Selling as-is means that you don’t do any repairs, cleaning, or staging that you would with a traditional home sale. 

Some people find it easier, but these homeowners typically get less for their homes. There are a lot of reasons someone might go the route of selling as-is:

  • A quick, hassle-free sale
  • Inherited property
  • A vacant house
  • Save on repair costs

There are plenty of cash home buyers who will buy as-is houses. Some real estate investors will flip the house or use it as a rental property. 

If you use a cash home-buying company, there are plenty of ads that read:

  • “My Home for Cash”
  • “Sell your Home Fast for Cash”
  • “Sell My House Fast”
  • “House Fast for Cash” 
  • “We Buy Houses” 

Cash buyers all promise a quick sale and cash in your pocket, but you want to make sure the company is reputable. 

Know how the process works before signing anything to ensure no hidden fees. Don’t settle for just any price. You want a fair cash offer.

Sell While The Market Is Still Busy!

Homes in Wentzville, MO

If you’re ready for a fresh start, don’t wait to sell your home in the Wentzville area. 

We’d love to share our expert advice and help you sell for top dollar so you can easily move into your new home. 

Get in touch with us, and we’ll set a time to connect and discuss your situation.

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