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20 Wealthiest Suburbs of St. Louis, MO (July 2024)

We examined MLS data to find the wealthiest suburbs of St. Louis, MO, ranked by median sale price.  

These exclusive neighborhoods offer the perfect blend of luxury, convenience, and high quality of life.

St. Louis Suburbs Ranked by Median Sale Price

This data was taken from August 2023 to July 2024 for suburbs with at least 15 sales during that period.

CitySale Price, Median
1. Town and Country$1,480,000
2. Ladue$1,150,000
3. St. Albans$1,150,000
4. Frontenac$1,100,000
5. Clayton$858,750
6. Des Peres$719,000
7. Olivette$634,000
8. Defiance$629,000
9. Creve Coeur$629,000
10. Glencoe$602,500
11. Glendale$599,750
12. Sunset Hills$595,000
13. Wildwood$580,000
14. Weldon Spring$567,500
15. Chesterfield$551,000
16. Innsbrook$532,500
17. Dardenne Prairie$503,500
18. Richmond Heights$502,880
19. Kirkwood$455,000
20. Cottleville$430,000
Source: MARIS

This data is for the St. Louis, MO metro area, not just St. Louis City or County. 

St. Louis at the County Level

Every county on the Missouri side of the St. Louis metro falls below the national median home price. This shows the affordability of St. Louis compared to the rest of the United States.

CountySale Price, Median
St Charles$347,327
St Louis$245,000
St Louis City$216,500
National US Median$438,483
Source: MARIS, Redfin

This data was taken from August 2023 to July 2024. 

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1. Town and Country

Median Sale Price: $1,480,000

Welcome to the crème de la crème! Town & Country tops the list with a whopping median sale price of $1,480,000. 

Newly built homes in Town and Country, MO

Known for its sprawling estates and peaceful vibe, this suburb is perfect for those who want luxury and tranquility, with easy access to downtown St. Louis.

2. Ladue

Median Sale Price: $1,150,000

Ladue is all about prestige, with top-notch school districts and gorgeous historic homes. 

Mansions in Ladue, MO
Custom estate in Ladue, MO

Its tree-lined streets and opulent properties make it one of the best places to live in the St. Louis metropolitan area.

3. St. Albans

Median Sale Price: $1,150,000

St. Albans combines natural beauty with luxury living. If you’re into the country club lifestyle and world-class amenities, this little community is your dream come true.

4. Frontenac

Median Sale Price: $1,100,000

Frontenac is the go-to for high-end shopping and dining. Its proximity to St. Louis makes it a desirable suburb for affluent buyers. 

Families in Frontenac also enjoy the high-ranking Ladue School District, serving Ladue, Frontenac, Huntleigh, Westwood, and parts of Creve Coeur.

5. Clayton

Median Sale Price: $858,750

Clayton is a lively suburb that mixes residential and commercial spaces. You’ll notice the urban style of the high-rise office buildings, some of which serve as the headquarters for Fortune 500 companies in the greater St. Louis area. 

Downtown clayton, Missouri
Downtown Clayton, MO

Clayton is a great choice if you want an urban atmosphere without the hassle of a big city feel. 

Clayton is the seat of St. Louis County and the biggest economic hub outside of the city of St. Louis. It is also home to one of the best-ranking high schools in the county.

It’s close to other neighborhoods like the Central West End, University City, and Richmond Heights, making it a great spot for easy city access.

6. Des Peres

Median Sale Price: $719,000

Des Peres is a charming suburb with great schools and parks. It’s conveniently located by I-270 and Manchester Road, offering easy access to urban and suburban parts of St. Louis.

7. Olivette

Median Sale Price: $634,000

Olivette is a growing, welcoming community with a high quality of life. It features beautiful neighborhoods, great schools, and a central location in St. Louis County.

8. Defiance

Median Sale Price: $629,000

Defiance offers rural charm with upscale homes and scenic views. It’s a perfect blend of country living without being too far from Saint Louis.

9. Creve Coeur

Median Sale Price: $629,000

Creve Coeur is a vibrant suburb with a rich history and modern amenities. It’s home to many businesses along Olive Blvd and excellent schools between Ladue and Parkway districts.

The Enclave at Bellerive homes in Creve Coeur
The Enclave at Bellerive in Creve Coeur

10. Glencoe

Median Sale Price: $602,500

Glencoe is a serene, suburban retreat within Wildwood. You’ll find beautiful landscapes and high-end properties. It’s the ideal escape from city life if you want a woodsy and outdoorsy lifestyle.

11. Glendale

Median Sale Price: $599,750

Glendale is a quaint, charming suburb with excellent schools and stunning neighborhoods.

12. Sunset Hills

Median Sale Price: $595,000

Sunset Hills boasts beautiful parks and recreational facilities. Its high median income and quality of life make it a top choice in St. Louis if you’re looking to live further south than the other areas on this list.

13. Wildwood

Median Sale Price: $580,000

Wildwood offers natural beauty and outdoor activities galore. It’s a tight-knit community with luxurious homes, many of which offer private yards and larger lots.

14. Weldon Spring

Median Sale Price: $567,500

Located in St. Charles County, Weldon Spring provides a suburban lifestyle with excellent schools and recreational opportunities. 

Upper Whitmoor Dr, Whitmoor Country Club
Upper Whitmoor Dr, Whitmoor Country Club

Some of the notoriously pricey neighborhoods surround Whitmoor Country Club.

15. Chesterfield

Median Sale Price: $551,000

Chesterfield is a large, vibrant suburb with a mix of residential, commercial, and entertainment options.

Chesterfield is the fastest-growing part of West County, with tons of new developments bringing attention to this suburb. 

16. Innsbrook

Median Sale Price: $532,500

Innsbrook is known for resort-style living, perfect for vacation homes and serene landscapes. You’ll see architectural styles ranging from craftsman mansions to A-frame log cabins.

17. Dardenne Prairie

Median Sale Price: $503,500

Dardenne Prairie is a smaller, lesser-known suburb in St. Charles County with new developments and suburban amenities.

New homes in inverness dardenne Prairie MO
New homes at Inverness, Dardenne Prairie

If you’re looking for a newer-built home, you’ll find plenty in Dardenne Prairie and O’Fallon.

18. Richmond Heights

Median Sale Price: $502,880

Richmond Heights offers a mix of historic homes and modern developments, with easy access to downtown St. Louis.

This mid-county suburb offers a more city-like feel with easy access to the rest of St. Louis County.

19. Kirkwood

Median Sale Price: $455,000

Kirkwood is a charming suburb with a strong community vibe, known for its beautiful brick homes and tree-lined streets.

Downtown Kirkwood is by far the most exciting part of town, with cute shops, restaurants, and neighborhoods. 

20. Cottleville

Median Sale Price: $430,000

Cottleville is a rapidly growing town with historic small-town appeal. Old Town Cottleville is the town’s social hub.

Cottleville Trails - April 2024
Cottleville Trails

New developments like Cottleville Trails are adding hundreds of homes to the area, drawing in buyers from surrounding towns. With its beautiful parks, community events, and quaint atmosphere, Cottleville is one town you won’t want to miss. 

St. Louis Suburbs: Additional Insights

There you have it—the wealthiest suburbs of St. Louis, MO! 

These are the priciest St. Louis neighborhoods west of the Mississippi River. Whether you’re drawn to the historic charm of Kirkwood or the brand-new homes of Chesterfield, these are the best suburbs for upscale living. 

With this guide to the top 20 most expensive suburbs by median sale price, you’ll have all the insights you need to discover the best places to live in the St. Louis metropolitan area. 

Whether you’re a local or considering a move, these suburbs represent the pinnacle of luxury living in the region.

If you’re exploring other affluent neighborhoods, don’t miss Webster Groves and its beautiful historic district or the elegant homes in University City. Both offer unique charms and are part of the best neighborhoods in the St. Louis area. Areas like Maryland Heights and Rock Hill provide easy access to the city limits, making them ideal for those working in or around STL.

St. Louis has a rich history, showcased by landmarks like the Gateway Arch and neighborhoods such as Lafayette Square and Soulard. These areas blend historic homes with modern conveniences, offering residents the best of both worlds. Whether you’re looking for a home within the city limits or in a quieter suburb, you have plenty of options.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, many residents in these affluent suburbs hold bachelor’s degrees or higher, which is reflected in the area’s strong school districts and overall educational attainment.

From the bustling business hubs to the serene suburban retreats, the wealthiest suburbs of St. Louis, MO, offer something for everyone. So whether you’re moving from Kansas City, New York, or somewhere else, these neighborhoods are some of the best places to call home.

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